Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Crap

On Bingeing:
Someone ought to explain to me why women eat more when they are stressed, or is this the lack of nicotine? I feel like I'm on an eating marathon, and I hate the feeling of being full so I am in discomfort most of the day, it is a compulsion like no other, it feels much worse than smoking too much, or drinking too much, this feeling is intolerable.
On Taxes:
So let me get this straight, I pay 19% tax when I eat or shop or use my phone, I pay tax on the rent that I pay, and then I pay a month and a half's salary as income tax? Let me explain; I am Egyptian, where I come from they tax you 5% when you breathe and 10% (if they dare) per month, we know it is pocketed, we have no expectations, we don't expect to see that money again, so someone sit me down and explain to me where all this money of mine goes, as if I understand correctly the company already pays the equivalent of my salary to cover social security and cover 70% of medical care.
On Spending:
What is this obsessive compulsive disorder? I have close to nothing for the next ten days and yet I cannot not stop by the super market and pick up items that are nearly finishing, lest I have to use another plastic bag instead of the ones I use for garbage, lest I - heaven forbid - finish my shampoo bottle when another is not sitting right next to it. What if someone comes over who wants juice? People need the juice! I am irritated with my irrationality beyond explanation.
On Work:
I do my job, well, in under three hours a day. Don't get me wrong, there are business trips that have me working 18 hours a day, and conferences that have me working more, but for the most, in my everyday, 3-4 hrs max, and that is me being generous. Now where is the problem? I am not that good, I am severely underloaded, how do you overload someone doing overseas sales? Suggestions? Anyone?
On Sports:
I played squash on Sunday, the first time since I got back from Cairo, that would be the first time in 8 weeks. Every muscle in my body aches, my lower back, my middle back, my neck, my arms, my ass! Yes, even those muscles hurt, damn cutting the regular schedule of Squash.
On Blogging:
A lot of my blog roll bloggers have been inactive lately, most of them actually, making me blog more to fill the time left on my hands with no blog material to read, that is quite sad, so I will stop blogging now and go read a book.


FreudianSlip said...

Eating bit- I don't eat at all when i'm stressed..i do a lot of staring.

Taxes bit- It's garbage! I'd rather not pay anything at all than to pay and get a measly return in April..instant gratification is the way to go.

Spending- Open a savings account!!I had the same problem last year and now that i've created a budget, everything seems to be going smoothly..prolonged gratification but so worth the wait. (Instead of buying juice, make smoothies…so much cheaper:D)

Work- I keep telling my boss that i've excelled at what i do so much that it literally takes me just 3 hours to finish up everything that needs to be done. I just feel bad about leaving at 12 everyday! I don't know much about sales..so i have nothing to offer..sorry:S

Sports bit- How did Yoga go? and does it freak you out that i know your schedule?hehe

Blogging bit- i hear you completely! I would've imagined more blogging in the fall and winter as opposed to spring and summer but i'm surprised to find the opposite..i’m glad you’re not following the trend..keep’em coming;)

Will E. said...

On eating.. yes it's gotta do something with the nicotene, I've asked smokers.. you eat more cause you can smell and taste better and that increases your appetite.

I'm guessing it's the nicotene.. but if it's not.. people who are stressed either want to eat lots or don't want to eat at all.. I'm the latter.. you're the former..

I still think it's the nicotene.. don't stand out amidst the French women.. do something :p

Oh yes.. keep up the sports..

N said...

I don't usually eat when stressed, actually ysyally i can't stomacje anything at all when stressed! Must be the nicotine...

Freudian: no it doesn't freak me out :) (though i think maybe it should :D) but i decided to go to the Thursday class this week as i was too bruised from Squash still.
Is it very shameful that i don't know how to make smoothies??
I think i am blogging till people start complaining about the uselessness of what i am writing :s

Will: i am battling on, no nictotine, no bingeing, more sports!!

Sand-E Sez said...

Whatcha reading then? anything interesting?

N said...

a long way down, by Nick Hornby, can't seem to get into it, though it seems like a good one.

Maxxed`ouT said...

So ya Oksha ... Who's your daddy ?!

N said...

Lol. man you're vain..