Friday, September 15, 2006

Order, ORDER

Alrighty, had enough with chaotic negative every day's now, I am enforcing some order in my life, I am going to take charge!

I picked up Y from the airport yesterday night, he was in Paris for work and dropped by for the weekend, perfect timing, it really is. I picked him up, as his luck would have it we have our first bout of thunder storms this weekend, but we didn't care.. I took him into town, and we hit the coziest frenchiest restaurant there was in the old town down an ambiguous alley... mussels, anti-pasti, entrecote, wine, the whole deal, and hours of him relaying everyone's news, this wedding, that break up, his travel and work, my travel and work, etc.. Went back home, we had a brief episode with the sofa-bed, managed to maneuver it into sleeping position, had tea on my terrace, he offered me a job in the petroleum field, I cockily turned it down, and I bid him good night as he started watching series 8 of friends (I have the whole 10 series, and I am not ashamed).
Poor E was informed very casually that Y is spending the weekend at my place, so casually that he found no room for possible objection, god I'm really good sometimes! The poor guy however was texting me at 1am, "how are you? Having fun? Erghy ma3aya kedda". I could see him seething through the messages, trying to distract me from jumping into bed with Y out of incontrollable lust, men can be hilarious, they really can be...

I woke up smiling, calm, serene, I look forward to a weekend of taking care of a good friend, Sunday morning he leaves, and then I will have to prepare myself for Monster man's arrival. Monster man is Boss #2 (to be introduced in another post).

Back to enforcing order, the 28th is the day that I will again have money in the bank, accordingly the following to do list will be finally done after months of doing nothing but enjoying the summer:

1. Pay for Yoga classes (to start next Monday)
2. Buy Squash shoes (cannot play with walking shoes ANYMORE), maybe racket too
2'. Book Sunday court at 2:00pm before W finds a more committed squash partner
3. Get hair cut, six months really is a long time.... (yikes, yikes, yikes! juste les points!!!)
4. Pay back P (hate the feeling of owing money!)
5. Get car checked: cooling system, oil, tires, suspension (please god be kind)
6. Do tests and go back to doctor
7. Book laser appointment
8. Buy decent mascara and eye cream (cannot be 26 and not have both!)

Estimated cost of previous: 925 EUR, will be broke again next month!

But at least I will have a brand new laptop that needs hours of personalizing, and I will have a life that is in order!!


FreudianSlip said...

aaaaah lists make me happy! scratching things off is SO rewarding you have no idea! Yoga will set things straight, i dunno how they do it...but it works!I'm so excited for you:D

MechanicalCrowds said...

I love cozy european restaurants!!!!

What is a laser appointment, by the way?? :)

N said...

I did yoga and only stopped for the summer, its a miracle, i have no clue how something so chilled out makes you so fit!

Will E. said...

freudian, lists give you a sense of accomplishment, getting the list out of your head on paper.

But as I recall ticking an item off the list gives you a sense of accomplishment and the biological response to accomplishment is the secretion of endorphins. Now endorphine has a structure similar to morphine so it's like a pure form of morphine, legal and a natural high.

So no wonder you like lists and you like scratching things off lists, it's a chance to get high.. it's scientific..

Of course being broke might counter that.. but N, I propose you hang on to the scratch off feeling.

FreudianSlip said...

wohoo! well thanks for the explanation but i think you may have just killed it for me...Now every time i create a list and scratch things off i'll remember this little morphine scenario:P I’ve been told that I’m naturally high by many of my friends, I wonder what else gets me high.

N- I hear ya! How can standing in that downward dog position make me sweat so much!? Also…what would yoga in french be like? Hmmm…thinks do ponder upon.

FreudianSlip said... ponder upon.

Will E. said...

Well fruedianslip, you're not very freudian are you if analysing things spoils it for you.. If I were you I'd identify the things that get my endorphins secreted and do them a lot more often..

So make a list of things you can try to get you high and scratch them off.. go for it..

FreudianSlip said...

Freud was a psychoanalyst, none of his stuff could be empirically proven and that's why they're so great! Abstract analysis is always welcome...your analysis was very well-supported and that's the problem.

N said...

Yoga in french in the beginning was a trip!! My french was REALLY crap then so i spend half my concentration trying to figure out what the hell i was supposed to not be thinking about!!!!

It got better as my french did :D

FreudianSlip said...

That's very cool! I wonder what it would be like in arabic.

Do you know of any spots in masr that do more than just hummmm and call it yoga?

N said...

Howa enta rege3ty masr??

FreudianSlip said...

la2 lissa...i just have to live in dream world before i go...i'm weird like that.