Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've been in the states for a month, hence the disappearing act. I was in Philly for an advanced executive education in Wharton Business School and then i was in NYC buying my getting married gear.
I've always wondered what that was. I'd always hear about girls going abroad to get their "trousseau". I have genuinely truly always wondered what the hell that meant. So for the benefit of all my single friends reading this out there, let me let you in on a little secret, trousseau is french (i think) for guilt free shopping spree.
It does however entail some no brainers:
1. your wedding dress / gear (veil, shoes etc)
2. lingerie (for those of you who only ever do cotton basic like myself and need to take it up a notch)
3. honey moon outfits (the super little cloths that you will wrap around your body when you are thinner than you have ever been as you have been starving yourself to be the thinnest version of you on your big day), i am yet to be the thinnest version of me, but after ten days of ten hour shopping marathons carrying weights (shopping bags), i am not too far behind. The soundest piece of advice anyone will give you is not to get all your clothes in that ridiculous size you will not sustain.
4. nice clothes for all the events to come, as somehow when you embark on getting married and enter into that form of coupledom formal events that require soiree outfits seem to pop out of nowhere weekly
5. your katb kitab outfit and shoes
6. shopping spree! swimsuits, shoes, makeup, pajamas, more clothes, that estee moisturizer you always thought you deserved, a new toilet case (i mean everything else is new why stop there?), that super expensive guerlain blusher that transforms you with one stroke (surely if not now then when?) the designer belt, the CK bag, etc etc
7. Whatever you convince yourself you must buy for the house from the country you are in. In my case this amounted to table cloths, napkins, runners and place mats (you'd think i was going to be spending my life camped under my dining table), a down duvet (yes, i carried it ten blocks and packed it cross Atlantic) and bathroom sets. Oh, and an apron, a pealer and kitchen towels. (i really don't know why i was so obsessed)

Girls, trousseau is fancy for take some money and go spend it at your every whim. I had to save up this money myself so i was a bit more careful, and took the rest out on my credit card and will be paying it off for the year to come. But for once i do not care i am in debt again, it's my trousseau! It is meant to be guilt free.

After 14 ten hour days of simulation, role playing, lectures and extreme business practices, it was a fine break to invade Manhattan in such a way. Should anyone need to know where to buy what of the above from NYC, i am an email away, do not let all this research go to waste!

May you all be well and happy and look forward to that shopping spree.