Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I see his faults.
I see them as clearly as i see the sun or the stars.
I see them and see how i could let them turn our life into a living hell.
I see his stubbornness, his over sensitivity, his insecurities.
I see them, so very clearly i see them.
I remember a very far away time, when i was blinded of faults by love.
Where i could have sworn that every inch was perfect, every trait endearing.
Where i had no need to change a thing.
So long gone are those days of innocence, of blinding passion, of naivety.
I never thought i would be this me of today.
Where i see his faults, like the sun in the sky, and at the same time see my smile in his eyes.
I am always smiling, i am always loved, it is always gentle.
It is so very soft, this thing we have.
We can talk, and we can laugh, and we can argue, and we can get angry, and we can hurt and get hurt, but it is at the end the softness that always wins.
I see his faults, and i see the choice to let them ruin us or let the softness smooth it all out.
Growing up has it's virtues, you get the chance to choose happiness.