Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The plain band

I used to dream about having a plain band on my finger. It wasn't really associated with the thought of a man, just the idea of a bond so profound, that i would carry a simple plain band honoring it, with me every where i went. All powerful in its significance and wrapped around my finger. A sign to the world that i am spiritually bound to someone, out there. That there is someone in my life somewhere that they could never be closer to me than. That there was someone out there that knew me like no one else could, knew me naked, knew me vulnerable and knew me strong. I have always been fascinated by the implicit weight of the meanings associated with that band. My band especially. I just always knew when i wore one, it would carry so many meanings.

Now that i wear my plain gold wedding band, there is only one other band that trumps the significance of mine. His. That manly white gold band that stays on his finger day in and day out has become even more heavily invested than mine. It is the single thing he carries with him that carries all the things i am to him. Everything i know i feel for him. All my affection and worry, all my hopes and desires, all my need and want, all my trust and respect. It is a single band of continuity saying only one thing: i carry you with me no matter, as you allow me to carry you.

Nothing is more fascinating in its simplicity, than a plain wedding band.