Monday, February 18, 2008


If you pass through here, please take a moment to pray.

Pray for a girl recovering from a hemorrhage

She's a mother of two and adored by everyone who's met her.

She is the light of her family's life.

She's 35.

She has curly hair and a sunny smile.

She is beautiful and full of life.

Picture her and pray. Please.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008


My ever polite and charming, compulsive lying, turned out to be married and with child after a year of dating me ex boyfriend sent me a text message yesterday; wishing me a great night, and a happy valentine. After running off like a six year old who soiled his pants in class - never to return to class again- when i dug up a marriage and child and realized his absolute incomprehension of the value of truth and genuine incapability of telling any coherent non-contradicting fact, this person sends me a text message, wishing me a great night, on valentines day.

I was at that very minute, having a great night. I was out with friends unwinding after the long week and having a very intimate moment with my glass of wine. I was sitting next to my best friend, toying with the idea of just how much i can flirt with him tonight without needing to consent to officially starting to date him. I was unwound and happy, and looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

And then i got the text message, wishing me a great night.

In his style of words, it had been 94 days, 18 hours and some number of minutes since the last time i looked forward to receiving a message from him.

My stomach flipped, my hands started shaking and i reached out for the first cigarette of many to come that night.

So, ex boyfriend, this one's for you and for me and this world you love so much and frequent so often in different shapes and forms unaware of just how dangerous your little fun can be;

I am only ever interested in hearing from you if you decide to seek professional help.
If you wake up one day sick of living ground hog day.
If you google the word sociopath, and something rings a bell, and you freak out.

I am only ever interested in hearing from you then.

Until then may the God you don't believe in protect you from harms way, and protect those who cross paths with you from taking you too seriously. And rest assured that there is no need to wish me happy days, my days are happy away from you.

From all my heart; be well and good bye,