Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Managing Upwards

Today I blog to stop my face from falling right into the keyboard. I am at the office, I have my own office, I have no music on as this is a borrowed laptop, I have my fourth cup of coffee sitting next to my laptop smiling at it's victory over my nicotine addiction, and I am half asleep.
The reason I am half asleep is not that I have not had enough sleep, the reason I am half asleep is because I am bored out of my wits. Yesterday I sent Boss #1 (the one that hired me and sent me here yet doesn't manage me really) an email, that email basically entailed that as now monster man (Boss #2 who doesn't want me to work here as I uncover his corruptions and is forced to manage me and does so by answering my questions with bare minimum input) has finally suggested that I sell directly from our Cairo office to be able to price more competitively, I expect to have a functional job. The email stated that he is now to make a decision regarding me, if he is to extend my contract he is to know that he will be expected to invest in me as an employee who does international sales and properly pay my compensation as agreed upon two years ago on time and covering all aspects agreed on. The email stated that if he feels this to not be a worthy investment to refrain from extending my contract end of year, and let me know now.
Since then I have been on strike till I receive a response, (on strike being working as usual with daily tasks of ongoing sales and quotations and preparing reports required by monster man who is currently in the office).
Note: monster man is only in the office for two weeks every ten
On strike means zero initiation. So as I am awaiting the same piece of missing information that has been missing since last week to launch my market report, and since I have sent out all the samples for the day, and since I have replied to all my emails and sent out all my quotations, I am now falling asleep, as my strike prevents me from reading my "sales for dummies" book, my "Marketing Management" book, and the first issue to arrive from the key magazine of the industry. I have no budget to plan business trips, well I never do, but I wont fight for a budget for a business trip. I will do nil till I have a response on that email. Nil.
But I am seriously falling asleep at my desk.... more coffee?


FreudianSlip said...

Today i was also exceptionally bored at work, i too, almost fell asleep (but this isn't the first time)..coffee doesn't do it for me, try diet coke..thats the only beverage that keeps me up.

La Gitana said...

bring on the coffee... fasting is taking a toll on me without said coffee sigh

MechanicalCrowds said...

Just go for a walk :).

What does your company sell anywyas?

If at first said...

Well, access to blogistan should allow for some entertainment, n'est ce pas?

N said...

Freudian: doesn't it give you a stomache ache if early in the morning?

La gitana: no fasting for me yet, though i'm sure my first day i might as well drag a mattress with me to work.

Mechanical: My company sells natural ours for perfums and flavors

If at First: can you believe there don't seem to be enough blogs?
Loulou, Herlock and Mumbo Jumbo, come back! Rmblefish on the other hand is excellent! like 4 posts a day!