Friday, July 21, 2006


Oh sinister fates, I've been condemned
to love and to hate, in split moments of now
oh playful god, is this what you do?
how can one's mind be so split in two?
To firmly believe in all that is today
and to spend the in-betweens in regretful gray
oh spirit that binds the whole at some part
convictions of mirrors, pull me apart
I am me tomorrow
I was me yesterday
yet they meet in a hollow common ground of disarray....


still breathing said...

this is the type of a post that one reads and loves and feel there's nothing to be said :)

i adore ur thoughts.

N said...

you just made my day :)

layal said...

أتمني ان نتبنى جميعا كمدونين كلمه واحده بتاريخ واحد نحدد فيه رأينا للعالم اجمع
اتمني ان ندون مدونه واحد بتاريخ 27/07/2006
كلنا كمدونين نكرر عباره واحده
كلنا مع لبنان وفلسطين ضد اسرائيل والمحتلين
بالعربي بالانجليزي المهم نسمع صوتنا للعالم
وان لم نستطيع حمل السلاح فالنحمل الكلمه
وبأي لغة نستطيع نشرها
We are with Lebanon and Palestine against Israel and occupiers
Nous sommes avec tous le Liban et la Palestine contre l’Israel et les occupants
Wir sind zusammen mit dem Libanon und Palästina gegen Israel und Besatzer
Somos todos con Líbano y Palestina contra Israel e inquilinos
تحياتي للجميع

MechanicalCrowds said...

Oh there must be a sensitive person behind those lines. Careful fragile one, I hope you have someone you can hug.

N said...

:) thankfully i do..

If at first said...

Interesting thought. Then, may I ask, what are you today?

Maxxed`ouT said...

that's pretty

FreudianSlip said...

It really is.
You're very eloquent.

N said...

If at first: me?

Kaf and freudianslip: min ba3d ma 3endakom :)

If at first said...

Umhmm,..the me of 'tomorrow' and 'yesterday', that is.

Perhaps the better question is, was the 'me' of tomorrow and yesterday caught in disarray as well?

N said...

Yes, today.
Both me's contradict each other so when they meet (today), they end up in hollow confusion, which is the third state (niether).