Monday, July 17, 2006

Lines engraved in my mind

Don't eat out of the ashtray
Where did you hide my cigars?
He's dead
What's in the family, stays in the family
Because she' prettier
You wrap anyone around your little finger
She's dead
Move to Greece with me
7aram 3aleiky
Please tell me a man didn't touch your hair! (said in tears)
You're so cold (said in sobs)
I love you as much as I love me
I'm going to put some effort into this .... thing
It feels like you're always trying to substitute us
Where were you when I wanted to share my happiness with you?
Get a grip!
Would you like to move to France?
I could take you anywhere
With you I'm free
You will be safer than you have ever been
I always thought I'd have a family
With you I'm like a child
I could never really know you
Because I didn't want to have any discussions about it.


zingtrial said...

Hi I was going through your blog,and liked it,:)

N said...

Thanks :)

Maxxed`ouT said...

none of them are mine .
bedan .

N said...


Elsede3' said...

shivering again
tell ya wat, i heard those before
thnx for passing by gal
and maxxd out, matzo2esh tayeb :D

MechanicalCrowds said...

Gamda Fashkh!

N said...

Thank you mechanical crowds..

Anonymous said...
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mobilemob said...

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