Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Miss...

I don't know about other people living away from home, but I don't let myself miss much. I think of it as a luxury I can't afford, if I start missing things and people then the missing will engulf me, so I tune out and detach. I keep in touch with everyone in a freaky way, but I refuse to MISS.
Then of course, I book my ticket home, and then it becomes safe to miss, as the end is near. I'm flying home next Saturday isa, so it is safe to say that I miss the following badly:

1. Ma (seriously, when do we grow out of this?)
2. The feeling of roaming the country with a sense of ownership and familiarity: this country belongs to me!
3: Fatta, kabab 7alla, wara2 3enab, 3eish balady, te7eina.. (I think you get the idea)
4: M and I, the best girlfriends in the world
5: Getting pampered by my best guy friend..("3ayza aroo7 after eight, 3ayza aroo7 el cinema, 3ayza arkab felooka, 3ayza 3ayza 3ayza!.... aaah, wi mesh 3ayza asoo2!" his response: "min 3enaya, howa ana 3andy kam N?") :-)
6: Spending endless hours in l'aroma and seeing random acquaintances walking in and out that I would never call.
7: El adaan
8: The cigarette smoked out my window with the door locked (even though I haven't really needed to do that since graduation! hehe)
9. Swimming north (I know this is wierd, but there is something very eery about swimming south in the med, it's as if its anti-gravity, I always feel like I need to head back!)
10. Sitting on a bed with all my girlfriends after a night out laughing our heads off at the uglies bumped last night and only recollected collectively the next morning
11. Putting my guards completely down

Egypt, I'm on my way!


Insomniac said...

teegy bel salama

FreudianSlip said...

am i the only person who's not going back anytime soon?

N said...

Insomniac, isa, thanks :)

Freudianslip, i havent been in 5 months, khalas ba7tader, how long has it been for you?

FreudianSlip said...


N said...

da keteer awy! ma3lesh :(