Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just another day

I snoozed three times before I woke up
I listened to more crappy news on my way to work
I switched the radio off and called a friend long distance for an hour
I reassured my work mates that the rabbit I found the morning before in my bedroom had safely returned home
I sent my best friend a text relaying my very thought through and weighed out annoyance
I did the bare minimum required from my job, and failed again to get into that sales book
I listened to more crappy news on my way back from work
I made a pasta salad with tuna and loads of sweet corn
I met a friend up for a drink on the terrace of the yachtie's bar
Super cool dreadlock musician happened to drop by for ten minutes
I went back home to friend's house for one last drink
Best friend called to explain and sort things out
I spent an hour reading in bed
I fell asleep
I dreamt of him 3 times in one night even though I haven't seen him since early April and haven't spoken to him in weeks.

And today I woke up yearning.


still breathing said...

there's only 2 sentences that don't begin with an (I) !!!

N said...

Yeah, it was my yesterday...

blogaccount54 said...

Keep up the good work. thnx!