Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Futile Arguments over Divine Liberty

Dear God....

They told me you sat on a throne in the sky.... and I kept finding you in my heart
They told me I would meet you five times a day.... and I keep meeting you when I drive, when I swim, when I laugh, when I shiver, when I crash.... when I am
They told me you would scold me.... not that you would teach me every time I hurt myself
They told me you wanted me to battle my desires...... not battle my demons that make me not love myself
They told me I should fear you.... not surrender to you
They told me I should worship you.... not embrace you
they told me I should always remember you..... not always carry you in my heart
They told me if I lost my way I'd be lost to you..... and at every end of a lost path I found only you

They told me you would punish me for being me..... I told them off.

In a world obsessed with words;
I love you all the time and for always, as I'm sure they must too.


Insomniac said...

N, that was soo.. i don't know.. sweet kinda comes to mind.. it kinda helped me with some issuess of my own.. you should be my daily fix, thanks :)

N said...

You're most welcome :)) keep coming back!

Sand-E Sez said...

I love that you are able to see and feel all of this. It's completely filled with emotion and extremely eloquent. Very inspirational.

FreudianSlip said...


still breathing said...

i miss feeling like that :(

N said...

Di el 7aga el wa7eeda ely mabafteesh feeha... I just hope you are content with the way you feel soon :)

N said...

Freudian and sand-e, thank you :)

aliscia said...

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robbinshood said...

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