Friday, July 28, 2006

In this day and age

M: So, I'm glad you agreed to meet with me, what would you like to drink?
F: Coffee, black please.
The male signals to the waiter with an authorative snap of fingers, and solemnly speaks for two.

M: So, as you've been living abroad and have decided to come back home, tell me a bit about yourself.
F: What would you like to know? You already know my occupation, my education, my family background, shoot and I'll answer.
M: Well, actually, I've lived abroad myself, and I know what it's like being a part of that society, so tell me, how did you blend in with that?
F: Not too difficultly, I learned to cook the basics, relinquished my need for a maid and learned to entertain myself as an individual, making friends was a bit tough, but eventually that came along too.
M: Hmmm.... and um..... your social life, tell me about your social life, where did you go? What did you do?
F: What do you mean? You've never been there... how would you know the places I've been if I started giving you names?
M: No I mean.. did you go to bars? Did you go to clubs?
F: Yes
M: Did you have boyfriends there?
F: I dated, yes.
M: and....
F: and?
M: You know what I'm getting at...
F: I guess I do know yes, but please do continue to elaborate lest there be a tiny percentage that I may be wrong.
M: Did you drink? Do drugs? You know, are you a virgin? How far did you go with these men?
F: Hmmm... let's see. I must have drank daily, I was off my head most of the time on drugs, you know you start off with weed and hash and then before you know it cocaine is just a Friday night treat, I can't remember how many men I've slept with as I wasn't always in a right state of mind and they left before I woke up... but I assume not too many that it bugged my boyfriend.


F: anything else?
M: why wont you give me a decent answer?
F: It seems to me that this is the answer you were waiting for or had put together anyway, or else you would have asked me a decent question
M: these are decent questions
F: are they now?
M: of course!
F: So do you drink?
M: yes
F: Drugs?
M: Just the occasional J
F: occasional being?
M: few times a week I guess
F: how many women have you slept with?
M: I didn't count really , 12 maybe 15
F: how many of them thought you loved them?
M: I don't know, I didn't promise anything to any of them
F: how many of them are still your friends?
M: friends? (truly baffled now)
F: I don't see how your answer varies from mine really
M: of course it does, you're answer means you've been living abroad like a man would, as for me, it's expected and accepted of me
F: oh, because you're a man, hence granted a carte blanche by society to "sin" your way to the pits of hell? A passport to blasphemy, oh I do envy you.
M: you are being very aggressive, I'm sure you must've given yourself away
F: I'm sure you're sure of almost everything

the girl pays for her coffee and gets up to leave.

M (intrigued now): wait, it seems we got off on the wrong foot, I still have many other questions to ask you, your travels, your work, your experiences as a photographer, the languages you've learnt, your passion for the violin, I've heard all about that too...

F: Funny, I have no more questions for you.

Note: I think being a feminist negates the point by stating that there is a need to defend, and the need to defend portrays weakness and a lesser value.
I do however, believe in individualism, equality, a person's liberty to choose, and the disregard of anything but actions and thoughts, be it gender, race, country or religeon. May the world be free of all these ism's one day.


FreudianSlip said...

I've met this guy. We've had a very similiar conversation. I hate this guy. (he represents 98% of every Arab/Egyptian guy i know)

N said...

This guy is why i dread moving back home and would now to my very own shock rather marry a foreigner.

FreudianSlip said...

I hear you.