Friday, November 03, 2006

Things you wouldn't guess about me

am phobic to loud noises and voices, i cover my ears by reflex and tear when yelled at
was born in Northern Ireland
have no emotion whatsoever towards animals
think a long shower is the answer to everything
would buy a car instead of a house if i had to choose between them
watch every world cup fanatically
am an Engineer, graduated fourth of my class
cannot tolerate long toe nails
dated a Bedouin school drop out four times, over four years...
can't stand gold, save for wedding bands
read the divine comedy after watching "seven"
lose at cheating and monopoly EVERY time, though i work in business development
believe in reincarnation, and don't believe it contradicts with any religion (refrain from commenting)
have never owned a yellow item of clothing


Maxxed`ouT said...

I remember the frequency at which you showered when you were in Paris .
Only the showering conditions at my place eliminated the possibility of long luxurious showers !

N said...

Lol. yeah, and it was friggin freazing too!

Maat said...

"have never owned a yellow item of clothing"
lol, me neither, though lately i've been trying out weeeiiird colors!!

cool post btw

Cherry said...

and fourth on your class?
yalal hawwwl!

jokerman said...

it all figures if you were born in northern ireland.

Will E. said...

why would anyone read the divine comedy after watching seven?

Anonymous said...

never owned a yellow item of clothing either.. i was just thinking about that!! i hate long nails too..noises, i freak out and get too irritated too.. didn't guess u were an engineer at all tho!

N said...

Will: The seven sins in "Seven" were inspired by Dante's divine comedy's inferno, thats where the serial killer got his ideas of sins to be punished from the three circles of hell if i recall correctly.

Alluring said...

A bedouin....hmmmm...a gulfian you mean?

So i get you moved from paris now? so you have decided where to reside finally??
or is it just my poor understanding of things?

N said...

Not a gulfian, an Egyptian Bedouin from near the lybian borders...

I'm still in the south of France, most people assume i'm in Paris (i wish), and i have not decided at all what i will be doing.. job offers in Cairo but i'm finding it difficult to decide to move back..

Asrar El Banat said...

"have no emotion whatsoever towards animals" !!!!!
I find this extremely strange being someone who has more sympathy towards animals than humans. Although this sorta confirms ur belief in reincarnation :p

N said...

i find it strange too... but thats how it is i'm afraid..