Thursday, November 30, 2006

l'oiseau qui chante

I went through my phone today and i found a picture
It was named "guitar man"
And i never name the pictures on my phone
I remembered the man from that restaurant
an Italian man who sang in Spanish, Italian, English and French
in that cosy restaurant down my road with the huge portions
and the lasagna we'd split as an entre
he once sang "stand by me", and we sang too
it's the only song i knew the words to
oh, and "my way", we both sang that as well
it was cheesy, but we were comfortable, it was fun
they fed T grappa, and made me sing in Arabic to random guitar tunes
it was not a fancy restaurant
and the guitar man was always only chairs away
was it T who took that picture?
I miss T..
I miss him a lot.

1 comment:

D.B. Shobrawy said...

maybe the guitar man had his buddy walk by, take the picture and title it in hopes that he could make a love connection.