Friday, December 01, 2006

On TV Series Enthralment

Yesterday i stayed up till 3:15 am watching "Six feet under". A friend gave them to me when i was in the hospital 8 weeks ago, he gave me the complete five seasons god bless him! I am currently towards the end of season 5 and i am addicted, i don't know what I'll do when they end... They have seen me through hospital, sick leave and the days after T sailed away. I have a print on my couch from where my body curls up amidst the cushions, pillows, quilt and remotes.
So back to last night (or this morning), if anyone has seen this season, there is a particularly heart wrenching death/funeral mid season, i was so engrossed that i cried more that the whole family of the deceased did combined. Imagine this; me in pajamas, my afore mentioned couch, a box of tissue and the sobbing over a fictional character that i couldn't believe had left us.
TV series are a devious addictive form of entertainment. How smart; i completely escape my own reality, bawl over strangers and get all my negativity off my chest. What a great friend in a time when one needs comforting company.
I can't wait to go back home and finish the series.
Suggestions for the next one? anyone?


Mumbo Jumbo said...

I am DYING to see season 5. I LOVE Six Feet Under. It's a masterpiece. And it just makes you so attached and involved with the characters, right?

We have the 4th season and I just watched the season finale a couple of nights ago. I asked my husband to get us season 5 from Dubai on his next business trip. I CANNOT wait. So don't blow any parts for me! ;)

N said...

hehe, i was EXTRA careful not to do that. don't you hate it when people just do that?!!

Mumbo Jumbo said...

A while back when Sixth Sense was a big hit, I told my friend who had seen it that I was dying to watch it. She said, "You won't believe it at the end when you find out Bruce Willis is dead." I was gonna throw something at her!

Dee-Vine said...

you should watch grey's anatomy next

Anonymous said...

yeah i vote for grey's anatomy too

zoss said...

House, M.D.

N said...

Mumbo Jumbo: i probably would've!

Mo said...

Well there's LOST for one, but I'm guessing that you already watched that or heard of it.

Apparently Prison Break's really good as well. A friend also recommended a show called Weeds. It's about this single mum who lives in the suburbs and takes up drug-dealing as a means to support herself and her family. Or at least that's what I've been told. Have yet to check it out.

Carmen said...

I loved Six Feet Under as well.

Here are my suggestions:



Grey's Anatomy

Arrested Development

Wonderfalls (GREAT show)

I've heard Weeds is amazing, but I've yet to see it as well.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Don't let the name fool you, this was the greatest show to ever hit television. Joss Whedon is a genius. Get past the first season and you'll thank me.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

N said...

WOW! you really know your TV shows :)
Buffy? Seriously??