Monday, December 04, 2006

Giving Something Back

I use my blog to dump. As most people would agree, it's always easy to write negative things, we write when we're sad, hurt, worried, bored, disturbed, anxious, etc, etc... My favourite blogs are the ones that remain real and not depressing, i can't claim that i can even aspire to have a not depressing blog because i use my blog to dump. If you met me you'd see i am usually smiling and laughing and getting on with things, i owe much of this to writing, as i detox here and then go meet the outside world with a light heart.
The point is, that today, i want to give something back to the blog sphere (where does that word come from btw? and while we're on it, isn't it weird that blogger dictionary doesn't identify the word blog?) where was i? yes, giving something back to this crazy cyber space....
Two months ago i was in intensive care, doing a job i loathed that offered me absolutely nothing but money, my boyfriend was leaving the country shortly and i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life or where i wanted to do it. I had nothing to look forward to, i remember sitting on my couch searching for something to look forward to, to make me smile, i always do that in moments of despair..... i couldn't think of anything, and that scared me. For months and months all you read here was jumbled up incoherent thoughts of a lost girl in distress.
I resigned today. I had decided to end this era, and i took the first step today, well, actually two weeks ago when i accepted a job offer in Cairo.
I've been smiling since, i quit the horrible job, i have two months off in between jobs where i hope to travel to an exotic place where i will sit in the sun all day and read and play. My recurring crazy heart condition has quieted down and i feel healthy, and after that i am looking forward to going home to friends and family and the first job i have ever been excited about.
This post is to give something positive back to the blogging world, thank you blog.


Amnesiac said...

I think your blog has been quite restrained complaining-wise actually, considering all that you've been through.

And at least (according to you) you don't (unlike me) drone on to real life friends about a leaking bath. Or bore them with predictions that you will be single forever until they are ready to drown either you or themselves in the leaking bath.

Enjoy ze exotic holiday.

N said...

hehehe... i do my share of complaining to the "privileged" few. thanks though :)

Mumbo Jumbo said...

BIG step. Mabrouk. Sometimes it's really scary to take a decision to leave something, out of fear of the unknown but it's soo worth it if you feel you've really had it.

I use my blog to bitch too. I can't write when I'm happy or when something really good happens.

Maxxed`ouT said...

No "Thank you Kaf" ?!
Who NAGGED till you started this blog ? huh? ... WHO?!
Damn !
(And yes, she does smile on occasions)

N said...

Mumbo Jumbo: Hey, your blog is one of the ones i was refereing to! you may bitch, but you don't whine.. bitching is cool :)

Kaf: hehehe, THANK YOU KAF :)

Carmen said...

If you can't whine in your own blog, where else can you!?

Congrats on the big'll do just fine!

Mumbo Jumbo said...

By the way, I don't think you whine at all.

N said...

Carmen: thanks for the back pat :)

Mumbpo Jumbo: Now thats always good to hear! :)