Monday, November 06, 2006

Sit With Me

Sit with me
Wont you come and sit with me?
It's cold and crisp, its also clear
the sky that is
come sit with me
My nose is cold, my kettle's burning
I have questions , i have a yearning
I have a need for your hand
to take me through the maze of why
to shush me really, should my eyes intend to ...
I know you know beyond my knowing
I know you laid the tiles
long before my bones were growing
I know that if you would explain
I would not understand
so sit with me
Just sit with me
I really only need your hand


Juka said...


Will E. said...

lovely, touching and heartfelt..

I sound like those mini quotes on written on novel book covers.. :)

"I know that if you would explain, I would not understand.. so sit with me, just sit with me.."


N said...

Juka: thank you... :)

Will: yes you do sound like them :D

you sure you're not influenced by the knowledge of whats actually going on? :)

thank you :)

Amnesiac said...

N, I like the mood of this poem, but I didn't understand the burning kettle reference. Also is it about God or a fella? Or is it deliberately ambiguous?

N said...

It started out to be to a friend, then as i got to the questions part i realized that i needed a stronger force so i turned to God. The kettle for me represents tea which is always my attempt to comfort myself, hence telling God i am doing all i can on my own and i still need some help.

Maxxed`ouT said...

I keep coming back to this one ...