Saturday, November 11, 2006


I want a blueberry muffin and a caramel frappuccino. I woke up this morning and that is the only thing i feel like having. I had a fever last night, that made T's leaving that much more difficult. I don't know about the rest of the world but when i have a fever my threshold for pain becomes that of a 4 year old sissy, and i had a fever that kept me cold till 3:30am, and then had me sweating profusely all night, from my current experiences i would guess that to be around a 38 deg. So back to this morning, i woke up to a text at 6 am from T saying he was already on his way, he had obviously opened my message in a bottle that said i missed him already, as he said he missed me alot too, and was about to open his first present. I teared, pulled the pillow over my face and slept till 9 am. I woke up then with no real fever i think, and didn't remember yesterday till after ten minutes maybe, uurrggghhh.
All i want today is a blueberry muffin and a caramel frappuccino and i will watch six feet under all day, but we don't have starbucks in the south of France, the only chain we have is Mcdonalds, i would curse for the millionth time at this, but really, i can't be bothered today.


Dee-Vine said...

starbucks makes everything better

hang in there n..

Juka said...

Actually (not that I don't sympathize or anything) that sounds like a great business opportunity. Think how many other people really want a local Starbucks. How about you apply for the franchise? I'm sure it will be expensive to start with but I'm pretty sure you'll cover expenses in no time. Think about it.

Maxxed`ouT said...

That's how you always start and end your trip to Paris almost every time : blueberry muffin and caramel frapuccino !
And i always manage to talk you into letting me have the whipped cream ... Oh sweet N, you're so gullable !

N said...

when will you ever get it??!!!
you don't trick me, i let you!

now where are those walks now when i need them!

Haroun said...

You live in the South of France and you are craving Starbucks!! Insipid coffee and muffins? Doh!

I am not sure which part of the south of France you live in but...

If you are in toulouse: Try "Le Matin d'or" for the BEST coffee and croissant

If you are in Marseille, try "Le Parisien" for the BEST Coffee and Croissant

If you are in Perpignan, you must try "Le Deauville" for the BEST coffee and croissant

If you are in Toulon there is no good coffee there, so move to one of the other towns mentionned above

If you are in Saint Etinenne, every stephanois knows that the best coffee is at the football stadium

if, as I suspect, you are in Bordeaux, then try "Le Latin" for the BEST coffee and croissant.

Please report back on your findings at: I am intersted in what you thought. If you are elsewhere in the South, let me know where and i shall, most probably, direct you to the best coffee and croissant in your area