Saturday, November 11, 2006

For Everything Orange

"Are those all your bags?"
"Do you have cash to pay my ticket?"
"Are you just going to leave like that?"
"It's too hard"
"Yes, I know it is"

And then he held me, and thanked me, again i find myself being thanked...
"thank you for loving me, for all the precious moments, for helping me.... thank you for your love..."

I had no words, and i sobbed like a child.

"you picked a sailor"

and i smiled, and said i knew and didn't regret it, the scary part is that i meant that.

I told him i loved him and then i left, and i've been crying ever since.

Damn this stupid life that makes you pay for all the good times and doesn't let you get away with mistakes.


zoss said...

Need a hug? Cause I have one with your name on it.

N said...

:) where can i come get that?

Anonymous said...

it's ok sweetie, u knew it would end and it was what u wanted and u have no regret, it couldn't be any better :)

Iffat said...

Sailors have to come home eventually. If not this one, then another one, inshaAllah.

zoss said...

n, we deliver, wherever.