Sunday, November 12, 2006

of the Million Thoughts...

  • I want to go somewhere warm
  • Trapped or wanting, escaping or hunting, is there ever just a state of being?
  • Monogamy, objective? subjective? rational or irrational?
  • Honesty about the failure to be monogamous, is that respectful or just cheeky?
  • Sanity, so very subjective, everyone i know is mad
  • Confidence, the ones who win are the ones who know they're winners, so often they are such losers i could cry, yet the world lets them win in their own realities. that bugs me.
  • Criticism, a waste of life and time
  • Love, measurable? a reality or a perception? a choice of forgiveness or self deluding?
  • This century is an in-between, a phase out from one way to the other, and this is neither
  • Growing up, the people to ask are getting fewer and fewer
  • Beauty is void without company, and company is such a luxury when you're a snob
  • Volatility is the worst human trait to that human

Note: this blog is expected to stay bleak till Friday, if i get to go home on Friday. If you want to read cheerful things, you will be disappointed.


If at first said...

Is beauty really void w/o company. I seem to see the most beautiful things when I'm on my own.

Forsoothsayer said...

cairo is a lot better under the influence. hit the duty free.

N said...

If at first: yeah i get those phases too, but right now, i'd rather have good company.

Forsooth: i am leading the healthiest life style ever by docs orders, rabenna yostor.