Sunday, January 21, 2007


It's weird
to go back to silence, to go back to composure
to go back to the unshared trivia cramming one's head
It's enlightening
to know the worth, the need, the want for more
to know that the self hungers and was not tricked by excitement
It's scary
to not have the constant reminders, the hourly reassurance
to have to take the leap of faith in one's own thoughts, to believe
It's hard
to not be selfish, to not break rules and crumble, to not be hasty
to not tell you that i miss you

but i just did, not so selfless after all....


Herlock Sholmes said...

May you find the strength to do what you think is right, the wisdom to accept it and the conviction to uphold it. May your strength be understood, your wisdom appreciated and your conviction respected.

N said...

half that prayer is for someone else... amen to that.
Thank you :)

MechanicalCrowds said...

Just once... Just once I'd like to know the real stories behind your lines :).

N said...

lol. leh kedda bas? i dont think anyone posts more personal stories than i do!!!

Cairene said...

So many thoughts in little lines. The kind of thing you have to read over and over :]
I love your lines...and agree with those I have personally experienced :D

If at first said...

Ah...but does he say it back?

N said...

Cairene: thank you :)

Iffat: :) all the time..

If at first said...

*smiling for you.