Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Emotional Outburst

I must have felt every feeling there is to feel in this past week. The vessel that is my mind, body, heart and soul has reached the limits of its capacity, and its capacity is quite high. My mind struggles to remain focused, my body is tired from not collapsing, my heart is aching with sadness and yearning, my soul has long since left me and resided where it feels it has found a home.
I am someone who listens to the soul, through everything i try to shush the rest of me and let the soul lead and guide. It is not easy. It really and truly is not easy at all.
The mind is twisted, and presents one million and one scenarios, some are terrifying, some are sweet, and some are so unreal.
The heart is soft, too soft, too full of many forms of love and too protective of the weak yet too magnetized by the soul.
The body has a mind of its own, it goes places against the better judgment of the forces it should adhere to.

The soul is tired, it just wants the rest of me to allow it to go home.


Walaa said...

that seems like the utmost exhaustion ever! i can't even imagine how its like.

yea its not easy to let the soul guide... i tried recently to do that for the 1st time in my life a couple of days ago...

i wish things would turn better..for u and me :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

the soul can be blind sometimes too

why not have an intervention with all 3 present and you acting as moderator, go with your gut feeling but after weighing those feelings with your heart and mind, don't listen to the heart and mind's suggestions, just enjoy using them as a screening process for the soul

did that make any sense?

Herlock Sholmes said...

Good luck with all that. I feel for you!

May your heart and soul reconcile soon

Cerebrosus world said...

I swing big, with everything I've got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can. ~ Babe Ruth

just do what babe ruth said