Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Date

My date's plane reservation got messed up, so he ended up travelling 28 hours, instead of 5, to see me.

The date itself, lasted 18 hours.

For the first three hours my date talked non stop to relax me and break the ice, he used humour and had no idea that i was having other conversations with him in my head while he cracked jokes.

At no point in those 18 hours did my date's focus on me deter.

At no point in those 18 hours did we stop talking, or an awkward moment appear.

My date scrutinized me, from how i said hello, to what i was wearing, my hair, my hands, how i spoke in English, Arabic and the little French i dared to utter. How i laughed, how i smiled, my types of smile, the way i walked, the way i almost said a thing or the other. My date took me to bits.

After my date scrutinized me, he relayed everything he had concluded about me, to me.

My date did absolutely everything right, at no point was i wanting or needing for anything at all.

My date heard every word i said better than i heard myself talking. We talked about family, health, friends, work, countries, travelling, religion and God.

My date looked at me like i was a much better person than i was, constantly.

My date looked at me with a mixture of desire, questioning, understanding, bewilderment and unconditional acceptance.

I did not have to think twice about anything i said to him.

Every once in a while, while he talked, i wondered how i managed to draw a man like that into my life.

My date left me in shock that such a date could actually take place.

These are the highlights of my date, those of you who are interested, put them together, i have left France and am doing some travelling, meanwhile i will try to understand what exactly happened on that date.


Zee Puppette said...

I'm happy for you =)
Good luck out there =)

If at first said...

Nicely done.
I guess your date has read this here entry too.

N said...

Iffat: Indeed he has, and every other entry as well. It's mad! :)

puppette: thanks :)

raghoooda said...

happy for u,
"unconditional acceptance" i loved that.this is what true feelings all about

KareemFromEgypt said...

an 18 hour first date???? WOW

the longest date i've managed was 14 hours, and the longest first date was probably about 8 hours, niceeeee. i'm impressed

so what happens next??