Monday, January 29, 2007


I am unable to blog, all my energy is going into understanding, predicting, sustaining and managing. I have nothing to write, because words are currently trivial. All i will or could say would be useless, this is mentally and emotionally challenging and there is no explaining why it is necessary, because everything can be argued to be unnecessary.
So in case you are wondering, or in case you are wondering, why i am quiet, why i am not saying more of what you want to hear, this is why; words are sometimes overrated, my words are not always found.

Now you, have a meeting, a second meeting, that will unravel if this was worth it.
I have hope, an inkling, that it very well might be worth it.
We have all the time we will then choose to have.

We will soon have, conversation, and all will be well again.

In the intricate complications of this, it is ultimately quite simple; i'm on my way.

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KareemFromEgypt said...

Good Luck N

seems like you were able to blog after all, that is a post, and a nice post at that.

Enjoy the journey as well as the destination