Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year? What? When? Huh...?

Towards the end of every year me and the girls get a round of emails going (the girls are my childhood friends and yes we are very much the obnoxious clique). The round is always about how the last year was in terms of victories and shame, who the prize winners for things such as worst move, worst friend, best achievement, etc... are, and the emails are also always about predictions for the next year, resolutions, things to never ever be done again and praises and thanks that certain things are over and done with.
These emails have been sent from Cairo, Italy, Lebanon, France, nothing has ever stopped these rounds for a good 7 years or so now. The emails are heart warming, honest, hilariously funny and full of love and the joy to be alive no matter, and to be honest they take up chunks of time to stay at par. We have standards for them, they must be very witty as well, its all quite a big deal. The initiator of these emails is simply the first one to remember that its time.

I haven't received or sent a single one of these emails this turn of year.....
Is this a sign that i all of a sudden, have a life? Is this a sign that the girls have all as well acquired a life? How wonderful, how joyous, its a shame the emails are missing mind you but it also means i haven't done anything drastically aggravating this year that made someone wait for Xmas to throw it in my face. I think that may be a first.

My new years resolutions for 2005 was to stay happy, and 2006 was to be happy again.

The only resolution i can think of this year, is to drink more water.

A few months ago my sister called me to ask me what i wanted for my birthday, i automatically said nothing, i have everything i want / need.
I absolutely love moments like these! And the new year brings the same feeling with it, i just seriously need to drink more water!

So this is late, but I've only just realized that the calendar has turned on us...

May 2007 bring you happiness, love, clarity, satisfaction, a clear conscience and self worth through any way you choose to get those things.


Juka said...

:) Same to you.. same to you.

Carmen said...

My brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday last week and I had the same exact answer as yours! It does feel terrific when you're in that place!

If at first said...

Ameen. :) All that and much khayr to you, inshaAllah.