Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Morning's Disarming

There's something about him
Sleeping like that both arms hugging the fluffy pillow
There's something about him
He looks so peaceful, he almost looks kind
He looks like the man i insist he is in my mind
His knees are curled up towards his chest like a child
His face is passed out from the hardship and the wild
There's something about him, the way his breath is so regular
About how the rhythm of his chest is so reliable
I know i should leave, I'm already late
But there's something about him now that makes me wait
I sit on the edge of the white linen bed
I sit in the aura of my baby's scent and sweat
It seems he feels me, or maybe he smells me
and he reaches from under the covers and tells me
"come here to me for a second"
I Cherish the moments he holds me so purely
I relish this hug where he loves me so surely
Where i am the best way, to start his day
I smile, i am happy in the now with the man i know could exist
I am happy now even though I know when he calls me later today
He will be the man he is


Maxxed`ouT said...

You sure are blogging quite a lot ...
Wise man once said : " A poem a day keeps the boyfriend away ! " .

Insomniac said...


N said...

Kaf: is it just me or is your comment really lame?

Maxxed`ouT said...

no no it's you
my comment gamed fashkh ...

If at first said...

"I smile, i am happy in the now with the man i know could exist
I am happy now even though I know when he calls me later today
He will be the man he is"

Isn't that the truth! *sigh*

N said...

If at First: no sigh no sigh!! it is all my own fault from my own stupid choices. i'm sure there are ones who retain one character through out the day :-) (at least that's what i'm told)

Kaf: seriously, you're getting more lame by the second. lol.

Maxxed`ouT said...


Sand-E Sez said...

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to prolong all the happiness associated with knowing "that man exists" and maybe possibly even stringing all of them together creating a perpetual state of ignorant bliss? I love the “you’re perfect” feeling. It sucks that our worlds, responsibilities and realities usually come crashing in to steal those moments away before we can bask in them.

Will E. said...

Isn't everything temporary anyway? It's all a matter of time before people part anyway. There's so much about the future that spoils the moment..

N said...

Sand-e: you are talking about my life for the past 7 years, it's not ignoratnt bliss, its denial, and it so uncool at the end, you wouldn't believe it.

Will: what you going on about now? :)

Amnesiac said...

It's trite but nonetheless worth pointing out I think that moments of happiness wither and die under the harsh light of over-analysis, and that ultimately the best policy is probably just to say hey-hum, get on with life, and have a laugh where possible.

Having said that I enjoy your poems N.

N said...

Hello amnesiac,

you are absolutely right, i have adopted that hey-hum policy myself out of absolute conviction, hence deciding to live out these stories anyway.. however being the excessive analyst by nature, i blog to dump my supressed analysis here so i can hey-hum all day :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the poems. Your blog is up to quite the entertaining start :)