Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Morning

Lazy morning
cloudy blankets
tranquil quietness of fall
leaves in reds, threats of rain
the terrace always feels the same
the hair's a mess, the coffee's warm
a pashmina wrapped around the arms
the horizon calls
but not in sad tones anymore
good morning life
how you dance
how you tip toe and you play
how you put a quiet smile on my face today


Insomniac said...

i love how the whole thing is giving u a positive perspective in life.. good for u, rabena ye2aweeky:) (u once told me that) and now sweetie, i don't let go until i get even :)

If at first said...

"the terrace always feels the same" ...theres a certain comfort in that "same"ness. :)

Dee-Vine said...

this is beautiful n

N said...

Insomniac: sa3b awy 3end el gemini dah! :) rabena ye2aweena kolena :-)

Anonymous said...

n, where r u?? hope ur ok.. don't get us all worried.. and yes i am too stubborn.. even for a gemini.. a leo would understand ;))

N said...

i'm ok insomniac :) thank you so much for asking...

i guess i'm too peaceful to blog :) el 7amdlellah

yes you stubborn girl, a leo does understand... :) except i dont think there is such a thing as too stubborn for a gemini.. sigh