Sunday, October 01, 2006

In Due Time

I used to swing upon a star
and live out dreams of just how far
I'd walk the earth, and swim the seas
I used to map my life on trees
I knew that in my little dress
my super powers were no less
than those i heard of and was told
could always turn ash into gold
And then one year it seemed i saw
that all my dreams had been flawed
that all my passions had been breached
by the reality of what we can reach
in a world so smudged and broken
and a soul that is forsaken
I cried for help, i was not told
that all the energy i could hold
would be so misconstrued and whored
and all i loved, i loved no more
And then the days that roughly went
held my hand and dried my sweat
"now that you have seen my love
just how much we need your love
now that you have glimpsed the world
go out and spread your heartfelt word"


Will E. said...

"that all my dreams had been flawed"

Are we taught to dream the wrong dreams?

N said...

no.. i think when we're young out of innocence we think dreams are attainable if we just follow them... how difficult that really is is only realized after life partly stips us of that innocene or naivety.

Яαgιи Яαvєи said...

beautiful.. we're all rowing the same boat :)

sometimes however.. i remember those foolish dreams, smile, and say 'i should have stuck to them'.

That innocence, naievity, foolishness... those things are what constructs our personalities i guess.

N said...

:) how strange, i just started reading your blog today, my farourite poem!

quoth the rave, "Nevermore"...

If at first said...

Ah yes, but the best poets are born of shattered dreams!

Lets flip a coin, naivety and innocence on one side, and sensible dreams on the other. Call it in the air!

N said...

Naivety and innocence any day!

If at first said...

Well there you have it -- keep the innocence, and maybe write a book or two... What more could there be to life!

Dee-Vine said...

this is reeaally good

N said...

thanks dee-vine :)

If at First: peace of mind?

If at first said...

Although a book to your name might translate into enough money to buy "peace".

Alas, I kid. Peace of mind, indeed.