Monday, October 02, 2006


I stutter
the shreds of that shirt
are swimming in the gutter
I shiver
you know better than to walk away
if i quiver
I glare
you know i can't resist the torture
of fingers in my hair
I grit
my teeth, my skin
the neck that you just bit
I moan
from the char i need to part with
carved within on walls by stone
I groan
In dellirium i reach for blankets
to stop the cold from grating bones
I pant, I mutter
I need a shirt to replace
the shreds swimming in the gutter


Cherry said...


N said...

i think its a bit devilish.. but thanks :))

If at first said...

I feel the devilish'ness too.

Hope she finds a shirt.

N said...

:) thats the sweetest thing. thank you.

MechanicalCrowds said...

Help me out here cause I'm peotically challenged. Is this about sex?

N said...

LOL. it isn't about that for me, but feel free to relate it to whatever does it for you :)

N said...

you know what, now that i read it from that prespective, you have every right to assume it is about sex!

Cherry said...

oh i didn't mean "divine"'s not at all divine in that sense of the word!

N said...

i know :D i was being funny, or trying to..

Cairene said...

I really love it. I love the sounds of it, the constant G's and the way it was cut. It rhymes very fluently, as if it came out this way. It's really very well written and very musical. :] You're good.

Elsede3' said...

so it's not about sex???
it's great, it really is

N said...

Cairene: thank you :) it did come out that way, it just came out one shot in ten minutes, that hasnt happened to me in ages, i'm so glad you could tell!

Ya sedegh: la2a, its not about sex, walahy :) thank you :)