Sunday, October 22, 2006

Can you?

What happens when...

you dream of the person and wake up to find him next to you
you love someone so purely, that it makes you love yourself more
your day is so gentle that you can't believe it's real, and you want nothing more
you dream of a person, other than the one sleeping next to you, and know that that's ok
you look at God with adoring eyes, and look at religeon and not even see it, and still find peace
you find out that you can be everything you want to be or will want to be, and actually practice that power
you grow up, and understand that no one you know knows better than you, about you, and you manage on your own

What happens?

Can you handle the overwhelming realization that you are happy?


Cherry said...


You're content..enjoy it and don't try to figure out the hows, whats and whens;)

Anonymous said...

amen to what cherry said.. don't question it, just embrace it and enjoy it.. may it last for as long as possible :))

glad to know ur too peaceful to blog.. we rabena yehdeelek all the geminians :)

MechanicalCrowds said...

Take pictures. You don't know if you'll be here again or not.

Tainted Female said...

I can't. That's why I'm such a drama queen, who is ALWAYS in some mess or another. lol.

((good to be back and reading... nice to see some things haven't changed!!))

If at first said...

I guess you give thanks. :)

If at first said...

Oh and Eid Mubarak from the Great White North!

jokerman said...

Happiness is short & transient. The rest is more real.
Every moment of happiness equals ten of sadness.

Anonymous said...

happiness is indeed short- apparently women can only be 100% happy for 20 minutes at a time!
Beautiful post though- brought a smile to my face :)

Dee-Vine said...

the world is your oyster now.. savour every moment!

happy eid:)

N said...

Tainted: welcome back hun :) hope you're all healthy now.