Thursday, December 20, 2007


The more time i spend in this world, the more i get to know things about myself, and the less i understand the world.

2007 was hard, everything about 2007 was hard. Breaking up with T was hard, moving back was hard, work was hard, attempting a long distance relationship was hard, two break ups in one year was hard, accepting that you have been very delusional, is very hard.
Holding grudges when you are supposed to is very hard for me. Accepting that i am still the last person standing, is hard. Letting go has always been and always will be hard.

2007 was hard, and i was scarcely happy; i was very far away from myself.

2006 was the year of fun
2007 was the year of work
may 2008 be the year of me.

Happy new year to you all, may your year end with closure, and the next start with hope.
May you meet consistently good people, and may you discover more of the wonder that is yourselves.
May you embrace the sanctity of truth, and the reward of being good.
May you find pride in who you are, and satisfaction in what you do.
May you do unto others, as you would have done unto yourselves.

May you find peace, and have fun in the process.



Jade said...

Oh babe...
2007 was very hard indeed...
Moving houses, breaking up, finding hope & gaining it again, giving away my kitten & joy of my life :p (that was significant by the way), work problems, drama - lots of drama....

I hope the new year brings happier moments onto both of us...
Be well my darling,

Carmen said...

May 2008 be all yours!

Listen, get a book called "The Consolation of Philosophy" by Alain de Botton. I promise you it will change your life...

Nora said...

I hope 2008 makes you feel better than 2007 did!
I hope that every heartache, frown, tear, and feeling of depression that you have felt are made up for with happiness in 2008!

Happy New Year!

BaTaBeeT said...

Happy new year
and isA 2008 will be easier than 2007... nothing will be harder than 2007 for u I guess:)
sorry to hear abt ur breakups and moving... hopefully next year will be filled with love and joy and settlement :)