Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Black Book

My friend walks in on me at work, as i stare at the computer way after working hours.
F: You still here?
Me: Uh huh
F: Have you moved in?
Me: i still take showers at home..
F: You need to rebound.
Me: I've been rebounding for six years straight, i think it's proven to be a bad idea
F: Well it beats dying at your desk
Me: You have a point i guess
F: So what are the options?
Me: Options?
F: The black book, lets bring out the black book
Me: I have two exes calling for dates
F: How'd they know?
Me: Bloody facebook, tells the world when you remove the relationship thing
F: Which exes?
Me: X & Y
F: Dear God!
Me: Exactly
F: What else is on the table?
Me: Heartthrob is back from Canada...
F: No!
Me: Yup, and has a pool table at home... and wine in the fridge
F: He called you?
Me: Msn. The internet has fucked romantic gestures
F: Go for it!
Me: Said i'd give him a call, drop by some time, can't be bothered awy...
F: Ok.. we don't want to jeopardize chances with heartthrob, not seeing him in your mood might not be a bad idea
Me: Right
F: Anything else?
Me: I have an open invitation to Holland. He even offered to buy me the ticket
F: Ya moseibty
Me: Right
F: Don't!
Me (had to laugh): probably wont
F: Doesn't he have a girlfriend?
Me: He does
F: So how come he asked you over?
Me: Seriously? Have you learnt nothing about men at all?
F: Sa7. So what will it be, a bottle of wine?
Me: A bottle of wine sounds like the best option, yes.

God bless friends.


That Guy said...


Omar el Khayyaaaam WOOOHOOOO!!

Nora said...

Friends and wine a some of the few things great in life!
I hope it helped and that you're feeling better!
Anyway, the guy is an ass and you should just concentrate on that... I know that is easier said than done.. but just try..
Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy beautiful! That is all that really matters in life.

Alina said...

So sorry your going through something like this. It's always a real bitch :) But yea, thank God for friends!

Forsoothsayer said...

your exes sound like a good batch - i mean, if you can't have a good boyfriend, having good exes is the next best thing. besides, if it makes u feel better (and it would make me feel better) other peoples' romantic lives are even more sucky. see: mine.