Monday, August 14, 2006

Witnessing Waste

I see your eyes devour me
Thirst upon thirst
Inhaling the moment
Losing the words you render different
Thirst upon thirst
A build up from this same day one last turn
I watch your nerves fail you
I hear your tongue ail you
I feel my impatience surface to hail you
I know how you feel
Your pain is that you knew me feeling what you feel
The way you stutter gives you away
You are still lost and bound
You are still alien to any road found
away from the day when we were the world
I watch as your fingers pensively weigh out the finding of mine
I cannot console you
For years now I scold you
From guilt I've already hurt and bestowed you with words of stone
May you leave our memory alone
I've begged and I've burst
Your unquenched thirst
Your never ending favor asked
To momentarily visit the past
And now as I join those who just leave
I watch as your water trenches your sleeve
I curse your loyalty
I hate your love
You fill me with gloom
Thirst upon thirst
My youth spells out your doom


FreudianSlip said...

This is one of my favorites thus far...probably because I have a very similar situation going on...very bitter-sweet but more on the bitter side of things.

PS: Ta7ya Masr.

N said...

Hehehe, thanks :) Om el donya!