Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is this Just Me?

I wake up next to you
and cuddle up to you
separately intended, we wouldn't
and we know that in principle we shouldn't
We know that this threatens the bliss of this
The reassurance that we will end, and we are free
But we steal the affectionate moment together, however.
I step off the boat
and let my thoughts float
I know that I love you and that I don't want you-
beyond the daily recurring want of now
But knowing aside, what if you loved me -
beyond the everyday morning in abstract?
What if you showed a desire for tomorrow?
Would I still feel so good in your arms?
Would your smile still fill me with warmth?
Would we still laugh and play with such passion?
Would I miss you as much as I will when you leave?
Will you be any different to all those I left once they loved?


Mando said...

hmmm interesting :)

so his only appeal is being a fling and nothing serious ??

N said...

The fear is that i am only drawn to unstable people.

I have been dating this person for a year now, and we are very good friends.

Welcome to my messy love life.

Sand-E Sez said...

Isn’t it scary how being an adult means being able to identify all these different types of relationships and classifying them in a way that does not have us living in a bubble? I remember thinking at one point in my life that “real love” meant forever. Reading this now I find that I completely relate and empathize. The idea of loving someone and knowing you don’t want them totally puts me on edge. It’s unsettling to feel like I can justify that statement. I don’t think a lot of people will admit to that though it happens dayman and everywhere.

N said...

The difference between the people who will and who wont is the choice of awareness and enlightenement. There are many things i used to believe in only to have to burst my own bubble and accept that i didn't know any better.
It's not easy, but i wouldn't have it any other way.
Wa ma khafeya kaan a3zam, isnt that the miracle of life?