Thursday, August 03, 2006


There's a post on every blog, an article on every web page, an opinion on everyone's lips and the undertaker is still counting... What's the use? What is the use?
Yesterday the conversation drifted to the topic, is it really worse than ever? Or is it just because the media is sharper and we just happen to be here...
Someone pointed out that between both world wars this century over 60Million were killed...I looked it up, 65M killed, 45M injured.... Why does this still feel worse? My thoughts present several possible answers, because it's not a declared war between countries, because hypocrisy and racism taint it, because I just happen to be here watching this one, because it's repetitive and endless..

Repetitive and endless..... frustrating and hopeless..... I can't remember who started, the facts are from so long ago they are bordering on legend now, I don't see it ever ending and somewhere along the way I caught the contagious mis channeled hatred.
Now I am truly hateful, of once being conditioned, of the situation, of these emotions. I am hateful of being hateful.

Yesterday as I smsed a friend in Beirut to check up on her, my foreign friends asked me what I thought, and I told them I'm just tired of all of them, of Israel and the west's subjectivity, narcism and covetousness, the Arab leaders refusal to take a look at their own and offer their people the hope of an educated mind, a body not afraid to fall ill, a spirit that can say it had one day known respect, of extremists redefining violence in the name of Islam, they ought to shave their beards and shame themselves instead of an entire race and region, they have long since lost the point.

I honestly don't know who is more to blame, and am too tired of placing blame.


Jane said...

You and I feel very much alike about this situation. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

MechanicalCrowds said...

I love your honesty.