Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On Love Gone Bad

One of the worst feelings is knowing that it is wrong to love a certain someone.
To know that the only right thing to do is to change all your feelings of love to at the very bare minimum, neutral.
To unlove them.
You force yourself to do it, knowing it is the only way back to good.

Something is very wrong with the world when the only right thing left to do is to unlove.


Mazen Mason said...

Loving any person can never ever be wrong N, no matter what and who that person really is. Don't you ever blame yourself for loving anyone...Love --so long it's real, genuine and true - is only to be respected and one can never be blamed for feeling it towards anyone. Don't be ashamed of loving anyone...even your enemies. There's no right or wrong when it comes to feelings, it's only what we eventually want out of this love that can be deemed as wrong or right.

Love is an abstract thing...Love should remain abstract...a divine feeling only to be regarded in awe & reverence .

Real, genuine and true love is a feeling to be proud of no matter whom that feeling is channeled towards.

Unloving any person; if it does not come naturally..don't force it upon your loving heart...and don't blame your heart for not being able to bring himself to do it.

You know it should be considered as a crime against humanity when anyone says/thinks that it is wrong to love a certain person...any person provided that this love is genuine and true. Believe me this is the last thing the world needs.

Mazen Mason said...

and you know why you should always be proud of your heart's pulsating ability to still be in and feel love? For it does take courage and strength to be able to love a person...for a pounding heart who's handicapped by fear can never be capable of feeling love or actually anything at all towards any person; Weak hearts are but needy and insatiable selfish organs...that has absolutely nothing to give and consequently they always tend to take.

Love is only for the strong lively hearts whereas hate is for the bittered dying ones.

Feelings are the only immaterial and precious part of everyone of us. You should naturally, smoothly and not coercively change this very part of you only when it's somehow undermining you.

It does really take power to love. Everyone of us has an inherent skill to hate or 'unlove' whatever you do, don't hone or nurture this skill of yours by willingly unloving anyone...let it come naturally instead for if you strengthen this skill by frequent practice, it will someday turn against you.

Also know there's no such thing as "but this person is not worthy of my love" it actually translates into you being not worthy of your loving heart either.

Jade said...

Mazen's comments were well said my sweetheart...
But I want to add that you will love again.. & again & sob7an Allah - as long as its beating & You are emotionally healthy & well - you'll look back at it & smile - or maybe feel sad - but it will be then a distant memory..

Be greatful my dear - your heart was capabale of loving & dont let anyone take that away from you.


Nora said...

Mazan and Jade have pretty much said it all...
Feeling love and the pain of losing this love are both feelings that keep us human.
Do not force yourself to feel anything or not feel anything.
On a personal note: I was feeling like shit when I thought that I had to unlove my ex. I couldn't deal with that now. So, I decided that I will do what I feel like doing. I will feel whatever feelings come naturally to me.. and I had faith in my heart knowing what feelings I needed to feel. And now, I hurt, and I miss him, but at the same time.. I am ok. I am much happier than when I thought I had to suddenly stop loving him...
So, just try to do what feel natural to you..
Good luck...
And trust me.. things will always get better.