Monday, November 26, 2007

Cairo Winter

It's getting colder.
I drive to work and there are clouds in the sky, a luxury in Cairo. There are clouds but it's clear and sunny, it's cold but not enough to turn on the heater.
I love this winter, i have missed the last three winters in Cairo, i have missed them badly.
I'm in boots and a t-shirt. My last three winters i had to wait for the frost to melt off the windshield for ten minutes every morning.
For the first time since i moved back from France i feel like i am home.


FreudianSlip said...

I'll miss those the most:(

N said...

i thought you were staying! enty lessa rag3a?

FreudianSlip said...

Yeah..mid Jan.

Family matters we beta3.

Nora said...

Winters in Egypt are my favorite time of the year..
I am generally a happier person..
Maybe it is just a comfortable place during the winter...

Glad you feel at home, it is a great feeling!