Thursday, August 23, 2007


If you woke up today and had to choose all the people in your life again, would you choose the same people you have now?

Would you chose your partner again?

The friends you've had all your life?

If you never knew the brand of coffee you drink today, would you blindly choose it again?

Would you? Really?


insomniac said...

i would so hate to say that, but i'd eliminate a person or two.. as for the coffee.. i don't think i'd pick the same brand either, i change my mind on daily basis in that regard :)

Juka said...

Would I still have a recollection of this life? If yes, then yeah I don't think I'd make the same choices.

Feeling regretful?

Cairene said...

I would probably make the same choices. It's so comfortable and happy here. It's warm.

I would probably not even start drinking coffee, maybe I'll pick something else! Like, jasmine tea or something.

There of course are annoying people I might not even want to see, but I do learn something from every single one. I'd probably even keep them. I would probably even keep those that hurt me, and those that left.
They have all been worth the time and the feeling.

Plus, I don't have to wake up with so many questions, in fact, if I want radical change, why not start? Get to know new people? Break up? Pick a completely different kind of coffee?
There's definitely time for starting over! But then again, maybe I'm a little too optimistic.

Forsoothsayer said...

hmm..actually i've tossed out everyone i don't like. except the people at work. no helping that.

you know what, i'd have gone to medical school.

N said...

Juka: no regrets, i make sure i choose everything i do and everyone in my life all the time over and over. was just wondering how many people out there did the same :)

i recommend it.