Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leap of Love

i leap
out the window, down the steep
you catch, our roles
were assigned from days of old
we play, our parts
we walk the footsteps
and check the marks
the fear, so real
it manifests itself in me
why leap? why go?
why change the few things that we know?
why must? why more?
why take my anchor off its shore?
we love
i know
we leap together because we know
i leap, with you
with my feet feared to the floor
i try, i do
to only think that i love you
the fear, so real
it manifests itself in me


Innate_Inanenuss said...

Oh N...this is an amazing free poetry..poetry on a very subtle level. I love it and I relate to it cos I feel it.

Like any plunge in the realm of unknowns and uncertainties it always get interfered by some fears. Fears that were born with us...innate in us; instilled in us. It's normal. We're souls caged in flesh n blood.

A leap of love is a leap of faith...they both require steely courage and unshakable convictions and confidence. Superb thing is that u're experiencing true love for real...one that doubt can never spoil or poison. You're doing the right thing.

I wish you happiness..a lasting one. And may your heart always be warm with love.

You are beautiful.

Humanitarian said...

seems you are his husband :D
so much in your words :)
dont mind for what i just said i am just like that but are you really?