Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love II

I love him so much, it hurts
I am about to marry him
I know he loves me
Every day he tells me he loves me
Every day i ask him "how much?"
"As much as the whole world" he says
"As much as the sea is blue"
"As much as you ask me"
"more than you want"
"More than i ever loved or will love anyone"
He always tells me how much
It makes me fall more and more in love
And it hurts
This complete falling
This complete surrendering
This dependency
This feeling that a part of me is missing if i am not touching him
This amount of care and tenderness i feel to one person
Even when love is complete
It still manages to ache somehow
This constant want
This constant want


misteca said...

it's a good kind of ache; the kind that fades in their presence.
enjoy the butterflies ...

BaTaBeeT said...

OMG !!!
U're sayin everyfeeling I wanna express...

this feeling of endless love and need and want... that aches

it aches to know that someone completes u yet you cant have all of it... u wanna hug until u're both one... yet no matter how strongly you do... there's still this vacancy u wanna fill with love.

to love someone till it hurts.. this is amazing :)

and I bet this ache is enjoyable since its totally addictive ;)

Forsoothsayer said...

did u get married yet? and can't u find me a dude keda bardo?

N said...

Forsooth: lol. not married yet, october isa.

Sand-E Sez said...

N darling, you're caught up in pre weddingy stuff i'm sure.. bas i'd love to hear how you're doing and if you've lost any hair in organzation panic.

N said...

Sandy, my life is not my own anymore.
between the carpenter, the fabric stores, the furniture shops and the wedding planner and the million other people i need to call and see daily to pull this off and manage to not get fired all the while, i am an utter mess.

suddenly vegas seems oh so appealing :)

hope you are well and happy