Sunday, September 28, 2008

Inspired by a comment

"so you've got a soulmate..
and you've got a foreign passport,
and you've got a lover...--and u've actually fallen in love with a dutch sailor before? damn!!! what're the odds?!!!
and of course a job..and obviously a fatty bank account to go with all of that too.
and a loving family.
and you've got a curly hair that's a reddish hue --mmm what wouldn't I do to just smell it so deeply?
and you've got a beautiful brain and a free spirit.

I gotta say, ppl like u N make us think "just what the hell are we doing wrong?!!!", if only we knew, life would make a lot of sense to a lot of ppl. So just tell us, are u using The Secret or something? i.e; the law of attraction that is."

Now i have not been known to dwell on my misfortunes, and honestly this comment made me smile, because this is pretty much how i see my life...
However, in fear that all this stated above would leave people thinking that only good things happen to me and all people with bad things happening to them are bringing it on to themselves, i feel the need to set the record straight, even if no one will care.

So Innate, here goes:
My father died when i was six
We had very little money growing up, and all the money we had went into our schooling
I spent the first two years of my professional life in the same pair of jeans and few t-shirts, i couldn't shop on my pay check and most of my friends are millionaires (from that pricey schooling i got)
My bank account is not fat, it is quite slim, everything i own i bought myself, and will continue to furnish my new home off my own paycheck, and pay off my car from there as well
My mother who is my best friend in the whole world and loves me more than life has a terminal disease, and i live every second of the day in fear of how the next second will be like for her, and how i will go on without her
My lover lives with the grey cloud that surrounds us as a result of her illness, even though you are right there, he is the light and warmth through these tough desperate days
I work my ass off in a job that i commute for an hour and a half to get to
I fell in love with a dutch sailor that broke my heart many times over many months, he was my recovery from the love of my life that betrayed me, and the man i fell back on to recover from my dutch sailor induced heartache, turned out to be married after being with me for a year.
I have been on a diet for the past 6 weeks losing the 10K's i have struggled with all my adult life.
And my hair isn't naturally red.

But because of that beautiful brain, and free spirit that god has blessed me with and you have so kindly attributed to me, i choose to see that my life is full of character building experiences, and rewarding relationships. If you choose to do the same, you too will have people wondering what the hell they are doing wrong. You too will have people assuming that you have it all, and have never known hardship and loss.

And yes i did read the secret, and yes the laws of attraction theory is quite functional i think.

Oh, and i really cannot argue with the foreign passport thing!


Innate_Inanenuss said...

Oh N, what an overwhelming response that is!! Well first of all I am more than glad to know that I have managed to put a smile on your face...always lovely to do that. I hope I could do that quite often. U know it’s difficult not to get all gushy in such situations…or maybe it’s just me who’s currently just desperate for love, I guess. So excuse me, I can’t help but give absolutely free rein to my emotions. Yes, it’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

N, you’re one of those who I myself cannot help –and I don’t want to - but feel genuinely happy when I see and know what they have. I say that and I mean it. I even wish u a lot more. Good luck with every aspect of your life N. Good luck with furnishing your aspired new home and good luck with your career and good luck with your lover…yes ur lover even though I sometimes envy him…damn it N I truly wish I was your lover. Anyhow, I guess no law of attraction can make that one come true. Damn again!!! U’re just one of those I feel I don’t & won’t ever wish to change ANYTHING about…even when u sometimes…u know…delete my comments.

As for ur mother, may she recover soon…having a daughter with a mind and spirit like urs is something just extraordinary…I guess if I were her…a smile would never leave my face whenever I think of u.

N, you’ve earned everything and the best is yet to come. U’ve earned it all just like I earned this beautiful response form you…which changed a lot… for me I mean. Speaking of character-building experiences…I admit that I am having an unbelievable one right here with u N.

Good luck sister…

poshlemon said...

Simply, quite inspiring ;)

Jade said...

am clapping babe...

Liliane said...

Am new to your blog.. and it's always quite a experience getting to know how other people think.

So yes, I like the way you think.