Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Deal Breakers

The first fight. The first BIG fight. We have not spoken today, this is the first day in six months and half that we have not spoken.
I was harsh, of course, but i was also right. He is silent, a deadly silence.
We have fought about our deal breaker. Every relationship has a deal breaker. Something that if you can't both reach some common ground on, will ruin the relationship.
I had my first bursting point today. I am not very eloquent when angry, and i was angry.
Well at least he sent me a text to make sure i got home ok...

Now we are both supposed to be together at this thing at ten, and it's 8:45. Am i supposed to call? But if i call that means i softened first, and if i soften first that means i didn't mean the things i said! Might even mean that i'm sorry! And i did mean everything i said.
No, calling is not an option.
So what to do? Do i just go without him? Without telling him i'm going?
But that's so weird... Never done that before... We usually talk like ten times a day.. What if he calls when i am already out? I will have disregarded him and went anyway, without calling...
That's not nice...

But i don't really want to see him if he thinks he's upset over what i said. I can't handle the tantrum over what is simply factual.

Uuuurrrggggghhhhhhhhh... it really is easier being single.


Hiro Creama said...

no such thing as a deal breaker. Everything is negotiable. Negotiate!

Sand-E Sez said...

I say breathe... allow yourself and him the time to think about what just went down and re approach the situation when you've both calmed down.