Monday, July 14, 2008

Your World

In love, in lust, in protection
I am
Resisting, like drowning
I gasp for one last breath
of fresh air
I look, deep into
right through you
I know you
I am
safe, safer
than ever possible
with any other man
Yet still, it feels, like falling
like shedding
the one last layer
that keeps me far
from nightmares and longings
and heartaches of various
natures and reasonings
and letting go
I know that it seems
much simpler
for you to love me
and stroke and adore me
and brush my hair
To be yours and be happy
I am
And i know you'll win
We both know you'll win me
over to safety
over to you
In love, in lust, in protection
Falling i am
into your world


Zee Puppette said...

It's okay to fall...

Beautiful Mind said...

in fact you excelled here.
(and i know u will win me)
and the end
(Falling i am into your world)
i read many things for you..but this time i just wanted to comment.
i wanted to wish you good luck this time since your past was very painful,i will not forget that old post when you talked about why some people always lie..lie in every thing even their emotions.but remeber what your yoga instructor"forgive the person not the act"
whishing you all the best

Sand-E Sez said...


Sand-E Sez said...

Right.... so after leaving that comment i realised its a bit bizzare and thought perhaps i should qualify it. I just totally empathize i guess. It's refreshing to see that you're honest with yourself and able to write it all down. Sometimes its easy to lie to ourselves. Lie to our selves and not admit to fear to uncertainty to knowing certain things.
Well done!
I is proud of you.

so kudos and hugs and kisses.

insomniac said...

i love it :)

and i wish you the best :))

*those fingers are still crossed!*

Juka said...

Wow! Good luck!

LouLou said...

Beautiful. And I am glad you're letting yourself fall.

Good luck.

LouLou said...
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Hiro Creama said...

Good luck!