Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Over the past three months, the boyfriend (i am actually using that word now) has asked me about my dislikes more than he has asked me about anything else, or everything else all put together. I know i am an irritable person, though i may tolerate excruciating pain, little things are intolerable for me. I am about to write down a list for my benefit and his reference and to see from your feedback if it is normal to get annoyed with so many things:

1. Fibbing: when someone tells a story and exaggerates or improvises to make it more interesting, and then weeks or months later tells a totally different version of it because their memory didn't serve them well. This drives me mental, i hate fibbing.
2. Crassness: There are things that i find inappropriate to discuss, language or subjects that are just offensive. Even if someone is extremely close to me, crass talk is highly off putting.
3. Vulgarity: especially what is in arabic known as sharsha7a, even in the form of joking, i see no reason in the world why people would resort to that form of communication to even humorously make a point. The normal forms of vulgarity be it loud, crass or inappropriate drives me just a little less insane, i avoid potentially vulgar people like the plague. Oh, and yelling, you start yelling, i get up and leave.
4. Pressure: i hate it when people look at me expecting me to do something, i fail to believe that they don't know that i already know what they want, and i fail to understand where they come off thinking i should do it for any other reason than my wanting to. If there is any chance i will do something someone wants, it will be because he/she did not ask even though they deserve it as that gives me a chance to choose to do it out of love. Unless of course it is an outright requested favor.
5. Too much heat: unless its on the beach where i can take a dip, if i am too hot, that means i am dehydrated and dizzy and cranky, there is no way around this.
6. Invasion of personal space: I am a very touchy feely person with those i am comfortable with, if you have not been made to know i am comfortable then do not touch me, it does not go well with me, be you male or female. No leaning, hugging, kissing, i do not know you, why are you touching me?
7. Repeating the same question: if i've answered once then i've answered, asking me again is telling me you didn't believe my first answer. Even if you don't believe me, don't tell me.
8. Sarcasm and cynicism during arguments: nothing will end the conversation faster, and it wont end well.
9: Being silly: I hate those movies where its all based on someone being an idiot. I don't appreciate people who try to get attention by being silly. It's a kind of humour that does nothing for me.
10. Baby Talk: if it's not a baby, then don't talk to it like that, and definitely don't talk to me like that. When my own mother does it i take a deep breath, count to ten while she finishes and try not to scream.
11. Being made fun of: call me insecure, call me immature, i don't really care, i don't like being picked on or made fun of, and i don't think i will progress with this any more than i already have.
12. Being vague: i hardly ever ask personal questions, so if i do, don't insult my intelligence, say you wont answer, and i'll buzz off.
13. Guilt tripping: guilt is a useless, senseless emotion, when someone tries to invoke this feeling in me i feel wronged and subjected to unfairness. Call me insane, guilt tripping is by far the thing i hate most on this list.
14. Drama: if it's settled, it's settled, if it's fixable, let's fix it, if someone is upset let's talk about it. If it isn't fixable, lets accept that and live with it. Allergic to drama, anyone's but mine anyway.

Just how unreasonable and harsh am i? you can be honest, i wont take it personally, i only know about 5 of you.. so spill please.


Will E. said...

That's such a good list !! I think I share some of it,but I'm too sleepy to point out which.

The making fun of part I don't share.. perhaps cause I'm plain and there just isn't much room to make fun of me, and I dislike baby talk even to babies.

Though I don't see why you should dislike someone being vague.

N said...

well, considering you are one of the vaguest people i know, it isn't very surprising that you don't see why :)

it bugs me cause if i have asked a personal question it means that i have been absolutely straight forward and an open book with you first, so it feels like we're not on the same page...

Anonymous said...

it's either ur completely normal, or we're both abnormal, u pick :)

i like that u said ur allergic to anyone else's drama.. see ur honest about it, that is never a bad thing :)

no. 6.. how do u deal in egypt??? people do not even know the term "personal space" to start with..

i hate being made fun of too.. i don't know anyone who likes that especially those who major in making fun of others..

lastly, being sarcastic and cynical is how i deal with everything around me.. but i really hate it when people (including myself) use them in serious argueements when we're supposed to be civil and reach a solution.. when ppl do it, i do it as well as my defence mechanism i guess

my comments r too long these days.. sorry

Forsoothsayer said...

hmm...i indulge heavily in points 1-8 except for 7.

Mohamed said...

3. I don't think I could express myself sans profanity for more than a day, and most likely not even for a couple of hours.

5. I HATE hot weather.

6. Speaking of which, I'm usually averse to the whole male-greets-male-with-kiss-on-each-cheek thing, all the more so when it's someone who I'm barely acquainted with. At some point I started telling people that I prefer a good ole' handshake, if they didn't get the hint, but it was such a hassle.. I just don't get it.

8. I'm often guilty of this, but it's usually my reaction to being provoked, whether it's because of a stupid argument, refusal to listen, refusal to consider other opinions, etc. etc. I get provoked easily during arguments.

fully_polynomial said...

you sound like a riot.

Juka said...

You sound absolutely normal to me.

BTW: I've tagged you for the thinking bloggers award!

Sand-E Sez said...

How do u feel about people asking you if you pray why you don't pray or give you advice on how you should pray?

N said...

la2 i don't think anyone has been given the impression they can ask me that question and not be instantly glared at then deserted in silence since i graduated from university.

Sagacious Sara said...

I feel like this is my own list! Ditto on them all.