Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The All that Is

Somewhere in the deepest beings lie the secrets of this world
At any point in every moment comes an insight through the illusion that is time
Through some mantra or another opens a door to the peace of mind you know that you can hold
but don't
In some place in your core sits the heaven that you give a life waiting for
There was the fear, then the shame when your soul refused the tame
Until the day you ran out of fictitious fantasies to foretell
My personal hell, was the slippery slope of my demons as they'd dwell
Everyday was judgment day, every day was red hot fire
till we succumbed to desire, and saw ourselves for what we are
Oh peaceful wind, may you blow through my hair as you did
Oh loving All, may you blend and merge with me just once more
Oh beautiful us, may you rise above the self and show me how
The yesterday and the tomorrow are always also happening now


Sand-E Sez said...

This is extremely pretty N.
Very expressive I love it.

N said...

:) thanks sand-e, i thought everyone will think i've gone mad