Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Thank you...."

He thanks me for everything, for my patience, for my softness
For being me
I feel some anger creep up on me, is this his way of telling me he will not do the same?
For a minute I feel like I have been cheated, but it passes as he continues talking…
And for that again I feel cheated out of my common sense
Every time we speak he thanks me
I think I am too busy listening to the different tones in his voice to be hearing what he is actually saying
I am too engrossed in surmising the curving of the lines of his face through this phone
I am too mesmerized to know exactly what I think of all these thank yous…
After all, how often is he there at all?
This soul of shadows appearing every now and then to overshadow all that I am…
This man of shadows thanking me for being me as I laugh lightly through every appearance
Pretending that his next episode of disappearance will not be noticed
Will not only be tolerable because I have pictures of him to flip through on the harder days
He thanks me for everything, for the person that I am
And I wonder in amazement, doesn’t he know?


Insomniac said...

kinda hit a nerve there.. very well written, couldn't have thought of a better way to say it :)

N said...

Thank you :)