Monday, January 26, 2009


For 2009 i resolve to:

  1. Accept my best friends choice of significant others
  2. Spend smart. No more 20$ Starbucks coffees, 10 coffees = 1 potential coffee table
  3. Have more fun at work
  4. Be more adventurous with colors (orange kitchen?)
  5. Not fall into the conventional marriage procedures/ceremonies (i WILL get married barefoot on the beach!)
  6. Wear my hair completely down when curly, at least once!


Néphèle said...

this first thing is SO damn difficult to do..

poshlemon said...

Néphèle actually I will have to say that the first and second one are equal - if not the second being a bit more difficult.


you seem to have beautiful curly hair. Definitely try to wear it down ;)

Néphèle said...

i find the first one extremely difficult to work with, especially being a Gemini like I am :p and especially that time of my life. well of course me having an extraordinary coffeemaker at home that can do pretty much everything except laundry and bake cakes, makes avoid the second one a lot easier, and the comparison frivolous :D :p heh :)

and i will have to agree about the hair issue, definitely :)
have a nice weekend