Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have a gold band on the ring finger of my right hand. It's beautiful, i love it, i love the simplicity of a plain gold band around the finger.
He has a white gold band on the ring finger of his right hand, it's so fucking sexy, my man, my band, with my name on it, carrying it with him every where he goes.
He took me out on a date today, a date to reinforce that we are still dating and not slipping into the taking for granted of committed couples. I dressed up, a skirt and heals and even some make up, he rang my doorbell, got me flowers, and took me to my favorite restaurant where we had somehow never been.
We laughed through out, giggled like kids on a high, it must be sickening to watch; two people consistently holding hands and whispering and giggling. I pity the people who were eating there at the same time.
Where does the time go? Three hours later we had to leave and now i am home blogging while he texts me that he got home safe.
I'm engaged and in love, and i never thought that it would be this easy, or this much fun.
I am simply grateful.


Nerro said...

Wow, masha2allah. Ya rab dayman. Mabrook and may you guys live happily everafter.

FreudianSlip said...

mabrook ya 3aroosa:)

Faisal said...


I got engaged this December too. What a coincidence!

Mabrouk tanee... hehe, I just don't know what to say in situations like these other than that.

Hope you're doing well in everything else in life!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Mabrook :)
The dress looked good :) And a plain gold band is the best choice, simplicity never fades :)

rabena yes3ed ayamek

N said...

Faisal! you're back!

mabrook to you too :)

any hope of you blogging again?

Faisal said...

About a year ago I came to the realization that, well, everything I felt like saying felt extremely childish to me... I suppose until that changes, I'll just feel like I'm embarrassing myself!

And thanks!

poshlemon said...

I like the way you describe this all... how there is so much love between you both.

He's not the same man you've discussed in your Sept. 15 post 'Fated'. Or is he?

Regardless, wow. I wish you great times.

N said...

Posh: the man in "fated" was actually many men, it was several men that i once loved and had let go.

thank you for the happy wishes :)

Nora said...

Congratulations beautiful!

Wish you guys the best!

Forsoothsayer said...

mabrouk! really happy for u. 3o2balee keda. faisings, mabrook to you again as well.