Sunday, May 18, 2008


Three months ago i was offered to go to NYC to sub in a work function, i declined, i was just back from NYC, broke (paying off the trip to NYC), and i can't fly over the Atlantic twice in 1 year - fear of flying, vertigo and fear of heights. Last Thursday i was asked to fly to Kuwait as they needed someone last minute and my British passport means that i don't need a visa, making one of two people in the company who could sub in this function at such short notice, i accepted, i'm weird, i accept going to Kuwait and decline NYC, the reason? I wanted to go somewhere i had never been before.

I've been here 48 hours, i still don't have much to say about this country other than that it is so quiet and not crowded that i feel like i'm in a movie set not a city, and that its very strange being in a city where going for a drink is literally not an option.

This is a quick update for those emailing me asking where i've been. I've been working and going out and all the time i spend at home i catch up on missed sleep and try to watch the shows my mom tapes for me as fast as she tapes them! I have no tragic dramatic events to report for a change, but will figure out a way to turn my currently "normal" life to interesting posts.

Thanks for asking!



zoss said...

good to hear you're alive and well :) have fun in lek-wait, and tell us all about it.

Sand-E Sez said...

Oh Naifff EN...
You remind me so much of me. I hadn't been on holidays for a whole year and when i decided to go in October, Qatar was my destination!
My logic exactly the same as yours! Go somewhere I’ve never been. I wasn't smart enough to get the job to pay for it though. I crossed the Atlantic didn't visit Egypt, transited for only a half hour in Italy and arrived in Qatar. My cousin was ecstatic to have me but after about 3 hours i realized aside from her there was SHIT ALL to do.
But alas a little creativity did the trick, here are some things i did to entertain myself.

1) read a about star maps, printed one out for the area I was in, went into the dessert escaping the light pollution and tried to use the map to find constellations.

2) Read about the ingredients in my favorite perfumes, wrote down a couple of ideas in terms of what I thought an awesome perfume might contain. Visited a perfumery/ 3etr shop. They make those magnificent oils. Tried to see if any of what I wrote down made anything remotely pleasing.

3) Climb/ get someone to climb (i know you're afraid of heights) a date tree and pick your own dates. They're sublime!

4) Soak in the silence and allow yourself to enjoy the lull. Practice your yoga breathing.

5) Sought out a 3ood shop, learned all I could about the instrument and how it’s made. Wanted to go to a concert but couldn’t manage to find one during that time period.

6) Perused the 3abaya sooqs. There is a whole fashion industry based strictly on 3abayas. Marvelled at the creativity. It’s a black cloth designed to cloak you. The fact that they had so many designs and styles and fabrics blew me away.

7) I read alotttttt by the pool!